Friday, 28 December 2012

Sketchbook I

I have been quite lazy to take pictures and I guess I am no longer blogging as I used to. I guess life is all about phases. Someday I will be gone and I think that is the way life works anyway. Like when I was younger and used to be crazy about reading magazines. The 'blogging motivation' is vanishing day by day. Oh and I am also damn sick of these spams I have been receiving in the comments. I would say get a life but i am betting they earn some money with that..miserable. By the way if you happen to know where to buy a little bit of enthusiasm this winter let me know , but please don't pour tooo much positivism. xx

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Today I woke up thinking the world was ending ha. But it was just the noise of rain against the window pane. It was really heavy and windy. So I decided to stay home. Well it is my day off anyway but, going out when it's windy is simply a nightmare for me. The wind can be a very annoying thing. And days like this are so propitious to stay in and do the typical activities. Yes :) watch films, eat and read. Lately when I was feeling down and nothing would make me happy I found two things that actually makes me happy - eating and feeling warm. ohhh and the smell of paint.