Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Only yesterday / おもひでぽろぽろ (1991) director: Isao Takahata - Studio Ghibli.

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Cute beanie from Funi

Christmas time makes me feel a little more relaxed and excited. Walking around the street paying attention to the decorations, the coffee flavours, even the tumultuous crowds of people shopping. I think these occasions are important in life even though its real meaning and intention is not always relevant or reasonable. The good of it, it promotes moments of happiness, togetherness (most of the time, I hope) and that's is comforting to me. Christmas time feels like a week full of Saturdays. But as any other week, it comes to an end. January will knock on my door, arm and arm with anxiety requiring some changes. hehe.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

We were awakened by the creak of the door. Sister and I shared a single bed. Despite an occasional backache we did not mind. It was quite handy as in winter we would keep ourselves warm and, if my back was itchy she would even scratch it for me. Surely, I'd have to return the favour by doing the same. In fact, this often happened because the bedbugs were eating us alive. The door was opened by Magdalene, the landlady. She was in everyday to enquire about the rent, which we couldn't afford. Like any good mercenary, she would spend hours lecturing how she needed the money urgently and threatening us with eviction.

Our full pay check was given to her and that would instantly put a grin onto her face. A grin that was quickly suppressed by a sense of disdain. She would also try to fob us with promises about how she would get rid of the bedbugs. She obviously never did, as it was not the bedbugs she wanted to get rid of, but of us. However, her ripostes would leave us feeling quite ambivalent towards her. No longer after Magdalene left, we heard a whistle from downstairs."Get ready, girls. I am here." - That was Joe. He was a really nice guy. Tall and slightly fat, green eyes. He had a crush on my sister but, she only wanted to be friends. He was okay with friendship and would take us out for dinner almost every night. That was nice. That way I kept the little money I had for the gaming centre.

We walked the cold streets talking about his friend. One of Joe's idiosyncrasies was talking about his friend Mark. I did not talk much, I never did. I’d just look around me and, let my mind drift to nonsense. Joe would always order a coke with lime and ice for me -every time - I liked that. We’d eat and talk more about his friend. After dinner, we saw Carol coming into our direction with a big grin on her face. " Guys, there is a TV in the rubbish just next corner.” She nodded to my sister suggesting this was an amazing opportunity,that shouldn't be missed. Joe had to leave to meet his friend Mark. So, the three of us walked down the streets being target of male glances. The TV did not look as great as Carol had mentioned but we picked it up anyway.

The three of us carrying an old TV down the dirty pavements of that cold street. I watched sister and Carol awkwardly laughing in order to disguise a weird sensation of embarrassment, whilst my tiny hands dishonestly pretended to help them out. Carol watched The Blob with us that night, ceaselessly scratching her arms during the whole film.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

25 of November 2014.

After the cardigan now it's time to knit the socks. There's a felt egg brooch I made for it as well. I have also been drawing. There are just so many things I want to do but not enough time. I get myself deciding between knitting, sketching or reading..I haven't read much lately.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

The city is humid and I’ve been seeing lots of mushrooms. I got this book on herb garden but, the weather demotivated me to start a herb garden so I guess I will just look at the pretty illustrations instead. I have also made a few little mushroom felt badges.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Hello, it has been a while, hello if there's anyone out there who still read my blog. I am now twenty three years old and I wonder what my priorities should be. It hasn't been easy but neither hard but what is harder is knowing that things will get harder and gathering the strength to face them. Enough said and drama aside, I have been into knitting a lot lately. Not so very good at it yet but slowly I get there. Between worries and wools I have also been dreaming about water and flood. The city has been chaotic and I hate it, especially public transport.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

I remember a time when my life summarized in staring at the floor hunting for fleas so I could squeeze them. I felt their presence around the room. I felt whenever they were there, ready to suck you, the bloodsuckers. I’d crouch near my bed and catch them seconds before their jump. Oh, I was good. I bet I was the best flea squeezer out there. I felt great pleasure in eliminating them. Surely, it was an endless process. They were infinite. I’d pity myself to the action of squeezing fleas with a flat card, sometimes my college ID card, other times transport passes. It was an achievement when I’d kill more than 30 fleas a day. The room as you can imagine was a dump. The neighborhood. The people. I shared the house with two other beings; Caroline, a girl with a prominent tendency towards prostitution and an old man who talked to himself more than he talked to anybody else. The old man spent loads of time cooking, gotta admit he was a good cooker. I’d often try some of his leftovers. He’d cook for Carol a lot, because they shared rooms ( and most likely had a deal, if you know what i mean.) Carol, however, spent very less time in the house and strangely, when I’d happen to see her she’d always be eating an apple. And, I, I spent most of the time in the room with the fleas. There was also a guy named Ed, he would steal all the beers from the freezer and sometimes Carol’s food too. No wonder, Carol was always eating an apple. Time passed, and, it seems that I am always the last to leave. Eventually, the old guy moved out. Carol spent more time in a near by pizzeria, sleeping with the pizza guy in return of some pizza. One day, she must have been in a good mood. She knocked on my room door with a box of pizza and some wine. We sat on the floor appreciating the moment. Ed entered the room and sat with us drinking most of the wine. I stared at him gulping all that red wine, straight from the bottle. Oh Ed, how you belong here..you bloodsucker.