Friday, 27 December 2013

Rentaneko (2012) Director: Naoko Ogigami - I stood in a train station which resembled the one in Richmond. It looked as if an earthquake has just occurred. It was slightly crowded, and people acted like animals. In this dream I had, I was part of the A class (at least in a dream ha), meaning I had priorities. Trains would arrive to collect people from the station and take them to a safer place. Apparently, there was something terrible going on, and we needed to escape. Class C people, looked like zombies, dressed in rags, pushing, coming after you in order to get inside the train. Consequently, lots of bodies were smashed by the train as C classes would fall between the gap and platform whilst briskly trying to force themselves inside it. It was horrible, all of those bodies and the A class horrified looks as they pushed the closing doors button. One could feel no pity, yet I felt it. It was you or them. There was no other way around it. What a dream; so vivid. All due to this film I watched; there is, however no similarity.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Saturday, 14 December 2013

It's time. Time to play all the old Christmas songs, jazzy soundtracks. To drink flavored coffees. To look at people's window and check out their Christmas tree. Time to get and give presents. Time for expectations. Whether you are religious or not Christmas is so involving. As a matter of fact, with all these nice little things most do not even think of the whole meaning behind it. I'm looking forward to the food!