Monday, 30 September 2013

25 years ago I was just a big tick machine as I lay upstairs in my room

The feeling of unrest can be one of the worse. I sit and get up, walk around from room to room. Visiting every room in the house searching for something that will make me feel easy. For conversations that might grab my attention. None does. Here all I can hear are complains and critical views towards things. My father, quite tipsy from the small shots of scotch he took during the day, sits in front of the TV and, now and then loudly singing some pejorative version of any famous tune he knows.My mother cooks in the kitchen whilst complaining of who has possibly broken her pressure cooker. And, I walk back and forth. My room is not cosy, the living room, the kitchen, the voices. The unrest. The lifeless expressions. The monotony of each individual being shared and duplicated through dull talks. There are days of unrest. Lifeless days. Disquiet and, monotony inside our little match box. Just a day.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Now the wind blows harder than the sun shines

Blessed are those who naturally feel enthusiastic. Those who gets excited over things without a drop of wine and, so they laugh and talk. They express themselves.. even their stupidity, with no shame, without any alteration or decaying of the face. You drink and regret, you regret and drink. The momentary joy it brings..what a feeling. In return hangover kills you with regret and sanity. Happy are those who are drunk without drinking.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

I want to thank you, those who commented on my long hair vs short hair post a few days ago. I read and appreciate the comments concerning my doubt about getting a bob. You guys weren't very helpful I gotta tell you. I ain't sure if I still want to cut and, after several different opinions it gets even harder. However, I have decided to wait a bit more. Winter is coming and I believe a long hair will be more appropriate. My current plan is to wait until Christmas and if by then my hair looks a bit longer and nice, I shall make a final decision. Anyway, this is all of very little importance. It is the third time I sneeze and I believe its a result of the not so welcoming cold weather. After my decision of keeping the hair the way it is (at least for a while) I have been really into doing different things with it - being into, does not mean being able to do (you can judge by the images). I love different types of braiding and its fun to try out Youtube tutorials. The bad part is when you get all confused and your hair messed up and, your hand begins to ache. I can't recall how many times I've tried the crown braid and failed each time. A good excuse to the not so perfect braids is that you can pretend it is an intended 'messy hairstyle' ;). ps: you can now follow me on instagram -