Wednesday, 12 October 2011

I can't stand my insomnia, I'm fed up of it. Every day is the same thing. I stare at the computer because I can't get asleep. I also drink coffee and I always thought that it wouldn't keep me awake, that it wouldn't affect me. But I'm starting to realize it might be one of the reasons why I cant sleep. Anyway, I'll keep up drinking it. Sorry if my text sounds repetitive, I got the feeling that I am always talking about lack of sleep and coffee, I get really bored of the things I say. Perhaps I should also be sorry for not being one those bloggers who can write long text beautifully explaining their choices for a certain outfit. I guess one of the reasons why I was never good at writing essays is simply because I go straight to the point. I'll try to be interesting and write more on my posts. As I write this I already feel like I'll neglect. Anyway I hope you appreciate the pictures cause the text content sucks, okay I shouldn't have written this I just did because I want this post text to be long.It's late I'll force myself to sleep, (counting sheep doesn't work, who the hell invented this). Good night to you all xoxo

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