Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Fireworks, milk and Justin Bieber

The title resumes the photos. I've been wearing boots, drinking milk, gazing at fireworks, cause it was fireworks day you know. I think it's nice, but when I was younger I was really scared by its noise and I always thought the sparkles would fall on me and burn me. I got over it. The last picture was taken in Westfield shopping centre, at the day Justin Bieber launched something I can't recall. Anyway it was quite packed with girls as you can imagine. And it was absolutely pleasant funny thing to observe. I didn't see Bieber, because they've put curtains around the stage and only people who arrived earlier got to actually see him. But the best thing was seeing girls crying over him and screaming. Gosh! I guess it is quite bizarre, adoring so much another human being, and I personally don't understand why certain fans cry when they see their idols, come on what is wrong with you? haha, but I think they shouldn't quit doing it, because it's such a fun thing to watch. It entertains me. Shame! but they might regret doing such things later (I hope), you always feel ashamed of something you did in the past.

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