Friday, 27 December 2013

Rentaneko (2012) Director: Naoko Ogigami - I stood in a train station which resembled the one in Richmond. It looked as if an earthquake has just occurred. It was slightly crowded, and people acted like animals. In this dream I had, I was part of the A class (at least in a dream ha), meaning I had priorities. Trains would arrive to collect people from the station and take them to a safer place. Apparently, there was something terrible going on, and we needed to escape. Class C people, looked like zombies, dressed in rags, pushing, coming after you in order to get inside the train. Consequently, lots of bodies were smashed by the train as C classes would fall between the gap and platform whilst briskly trying to force themselves inside it. It was horrible, all of those bodies and the A class horrified looks as they pushed the closing doors button. One could feel no pity, yet I felt it. It was you or them. There was no other way around it. What a dream; so vivid. All due to this film I watched; there is, however no similarity.

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