Monday, 29 August 2011

Stop and stare.

There I was sitting on the tube, packed of people. Fortunately I was sitting really comfortably but with nothing to do, no music, no books to read. My only option was either sleep or try to look out of the window behind a guy who was sitting towards me. I was really trying to stare at the widonw behind him, but most of the time his face was on the way. That was when I started feeling embarassed once he kept staring at me, So I started looking at people's feet, I was even getting tired of looking down. Then I remembered I had my analogue camera with me. There it was my salvation, entertain myself unloading the film. Little did I know it wasn't fully unloaded when I opened the back of the camera to check it. Disappointment, disappointment. Why am I so fool. What I learnt from this experience is that I will always stare at people on the tube or I shall never unload my film while I am in the train. These pictures I took on my way back to London. I spent the weekend in Milton Keynes. Did you guys see the rainbow yesterday? that is if you live in London :) x

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