Tuesday, 30 August 2011

you wouldn't put your pen to bed when we hadn't found our own our own

I'm by myself downstairs watching Children of the corn. It makes me keep looking at the dark side of the living room. I'll stop doing so. It scares me a little ha! Today I went to Hammersmith to get something done, when I go out by myself I can't walk in the streets without listening to music, it is like life is strange. But today I had to face strange life,because the battery of my iPod was dead after a half hour I left my house. I felt really sad. To make me happy a bit I bought myself original glazed donuts and latte from Krispy Kreme. Then I got into the bus, accidentally tripped over a woman, who perhaps did not find my 'sorry' acceptable and asked me if I was desperate. That's why I don't like buses, because it unites MEAN people. I got home later and did some sketches.

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