Thursday, 1 September 2011

It's a far, far better thing that I do, cuckoo cuckoo

A few things I purchased today. The little picture frame is from Camden market, the rest is from a Oxfam except the old photograph of a boy which I found somewhere in my father's things. I even found a box full of my moms and dad old photographs. I love spending time looking at them. It inspires me a lot. Especially because most of them were taken in the 60's and in my opinion in terms of fashion and music it was a great era (the 50's too). I also got that high waisted jeans which I was looking for quite while. I might have to make some adjustments to it though. The dress I'm wearing today was hanging in my wardrobe and it has been there for a long time. I can't even recall where it is from. However it is now my most wearable piece this summer.

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