Tuesday, 20 March 2012


It's 01:05 am and I am lying on the floor in a not very comfortable position. My neck hurts a bit but I will finish writing this post because I am not sleepy as usual. I decided to plan my day tomorrow. Tomorrow is Wednesday and I've got the day off, which means no obligations at all, oh how I love this. Not really I do have things to do actually. I shall do some uni work, work on my sketchbooks. I think I am going to get up around 9 am and go visit an exhibition and yes I will go on my own, myself and my earphones. I will buy nice eyelashes and curl my hair and drink coffee and keep reading my book, Journey to the end of the night by Céline. I might take some pictures if its sunny haha! Yes sounds pretty normal.

Good Night, I like you!

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